«Innovation is not adding new inventions.
Innovation is adding new value»

– Jared Spool

What we do

Applications for smart devices: smartphone, tablet, TV, wearables and IoT devices.

How we do it

Our effort is to remove as many obstacles as possible to give people the best out of our products, whether they’re using them for business or for pleasure. We work hard, we have fun and we learn something new every day.

Why we do it

We love technology when it works so well it becomes invisible.

Let’s work at your project. Together.

We work for clients of any size, both directly and through system integrators and communication agencies: it’s likely you have at least one of our apps on your smartphone.

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Our success stories

Our mobile apps have been downloaded more than 850.000 times so far, and they’re often among the featured apps on the App Store. These are some of the projects we’re most proud of.


A successful approach to Service Design.

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A mobile shopping list for the most important natural-foods supermarkets chain in Italy. Your favorite products, promo notifications, shops and more.

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We make cool things. Seriously.

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